5 Benefits of Being a Dental Assistant and How to Get Started Today

5 Benefits of Being a Dental Assistant and How to Get Started Today

Making the decision to change careers is a big deal. The process is overwhelming, where do you even begin?

The thought of spending thousands of dollars to end up stuck in traditional schooling for four years can seem like a nightmare but it’s not your only option!

Trade schools offer great career training in a fraction of the time. A growing vocational field today is dental assisting! Why? Let’s take a look at the top dental assistant benefits.

1. Helping People

Being a dental assistant has many benefits, especially if you are people orientated. Not only will you get to know dental clients and staff, but you will also be there to offer assurance and comfort to those nervous about being in the chair.

Meeting and getting to know these clients and staff will also give you a network of potential work in the long run. This is another great reason to become a dental assistant.

2. Growth Within The Field

When deciding on a career, it’s important to think about the growth of the field you wish to work in. There’s nothing more frustrating than finishing school without being able to find work.

A great dental assistant benefit is that the industry is growing. It’s said that the job outlook for dental assistants will grow about 19% through 2020, which is faster than standard industry growth.

With these growing opportunities, you will graduate from trade school with confidence in finding a job.

3. Quick Training

Another benefit of becoming a dental assistant is quick training!

The typical dental assistant program is less than a year. You usually need around 700 hands-on dental training hours to be considered a dental assistant, and this can take anywhere from 7 1/2 months to a year.

This is much more ideal when you’re trying to make a career change than being stuck in traditional schooling for four years.

4. Benefits

It’s not a surprise to get dental benefits working in a dental office, but most office environments also offer medical benefits and paid sick leave.

A lot of people wondering if becoming a dental assistant is worth it? This benefit alone makes being a dental assistant tremendous.

5. Flexible Hours

Most dental assistants actually work part-time with the dental assistants being able to set their hours. If you work in a hospital, you’re hours tend to be even more flexible.

This is especially appealing if you have smaller children to spend time with.

One-third of dental assistants report working part-time or splitting their work between two dental practices! Working part-time combined with paid sick leave makes becoming a dental assistant attractive to those making a career change.

Dental Assistant Benefits

It’s obvious why becoming a dental assistant is so appealing to those looking to make a career change.

There are multiple dental assistant benefits, like, flexibility, quick training, and growth within the field. Becoming a dental assistant is an obvious choice when deciding what you want and need from your new career.

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