5 Lessons You’ll Learn Chef Training at Culinary School


5 Lessons You’ll Learn Chef Training at Culinary School

If you are considering enrolling in a chef training program, get ready to learn a lot more than just how to perfectly quarter and truss a chicken.

Culinary school doesn’t just teach you how to be an excellent chef, it instills upon you the confidence you need to get out of the current rut you are in and change your life for the better.

Here are 5 life changing lessons you’ll learn from chef training:

1. It’s All About the Attitude

Interested in going to culinary school, but worried you don’t have the chops (no pun intended) to make it?

Food GPS asked eleven high-level chefs about the inside scoop on their hiring practices. And guess what? Not a single one of them mentioned experience or raw talent as their determining factors for hiring.

What they all cared about was attitude. So don’t doubt yourself for a minute because of your lack of experience. If you have a positive attitude and a killer work ethic, you’re gonna go far, kid.

2. The Greater the Difficulty, the Greater the Glory

Much like parenting, some days as a chef are going to seem like an absolute cake walk. Other days are going to kick you in the ass, leaving you completely drained.

You will have some days where the chatter of the printer never seems to stop, the wait staff are all being prima donnas, orders keeping getting sent back, and on top of all the chaos, someone called in sick and you’re understaffed.

These days will be grueling, no doubt, but they well also be incredibly rewarding. With every storm you weather, you will realize how much more capable you were than you ever thought.

3. Keep Control, Lose Control

Even though you’ll have days where everything is in total chaos, they will always go better if you do your best to remain calm, collected, and in control.

Your day always starts with a methodical yet soothing routine of setting up your chef’s station at the beginning of each shift. During chef training, you will learn that everything in the kitchen has a place, and there is always a purpose for that place.

Things you can’t control? A ridiculously whiny customer (secret: the customer isn’t always right) or a crabby co-worker.

During chef training, you will learn that just like in life, there are certain things you can control and certain things you can’t. And letting go of the things you can’t is what keeps you moving forward.

4. Chef Training = Team Training

The kitchen is the backbone of the entire restaurant. And teamwork is what separates a mediocre kitchen from an excellent kitchen.

As a member of this team, you will master the art of communication and collaboration, as well as what it means to step up to the plate.

5. Good Things Take Time

Just like any other art form, being the first one done doesn’t make you the best one of the bunch.

During chef training, you will learn the art of slowing things down, as no great cut of meat was ever prepared in a few quick minutes.

It’s time to put all those fears and doubts you have aside and finally take the plunge into this life-changing career. And guess what? There’s really no better time, for this career is growing at a faster than average rate.

If you have more questions about the program or are curious about financial aid, don’t hesitate to contact us for more details!

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