5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Working as a CNA

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Working as a CNA

Do you love to work in a team committed to treating people and improving their lives? Do you love the idea of personally taking care of patients and rate job satisfaction highly?

If so, perhaps you should consider pursuing a certified nursing assistant (CNA) career.

Certified nursing assistants carry out basic nursing tasks for people who are permanently or temporarily unable to look after themselves. The tasks range from taking patients’ temperature readings to helping with their personal hygiene.

While the CNA job is demanding, there are several benefits that are either immediate or will be realized in the future. Here are 5 good reasons why you should consider working as a CNA.

1. Emotionally Rewarding Career

CNA careers are fulfilling for compassionate people who love taking care of people. The job can be stressful, but you can get some satisfaction from helping individuals feel loved and comfortable.

Since you’ll spend many hours with patients, you’ll get the chance to form close relationships, especially with those in need of long-term care.

2. Diverse Work Environments

CNAs can choose from a variety of work environments, based on personal preferences. Each work environment provides different benefits.

For example, a hospital setting provides structure and the chance to care for different patients while a home setting lets you take care of one patient for an extended period of time.

Many certified nursing assistants work in hospitals; others work in hospices while some look after patients in their own homes.

3. Decent Salary

As a certified nursing assistant, you can expect to earn a good salary. Considering that the position requires certification instead of a degree, and the fact that you might get certified in just six weeks, a median national salary of $24,000 is not to be sniffed at.

4. Working as a CNA Offers Flexible Schedules

CNAs usually work full-time. But since patients need care around the clock, you can get a job with a flexible schedule. And depending on the employer, you may need to work during holidays and on weekends.

5. Unmatched Career Networking Opportunities

While this isn’t the main reason many people choose to become certified nursing assistants, being a CNA gives you the opportunity to form deep, long-term bonds with other medical professionals.

These relationships are important as you work your way up the nursing industry.

How to Be a CNA

To become a certified nursing assistant, you just need a certificate and to pass a competency test. Each state has its own educational requirements, but you can expect to spend 4-12 weeks in class.

In certified nursing assistant classes, you’ll learn about giving personal care, taking vital signs, and infection control.

Upon finishing your coursework, you will sit for the certification exam, which typically includes a theory and practical test.

Many schools provide convenient online CNA certificate courses. But before you enroll, make sure to find out if the program is certified by a recognized body.

Take the Next Step

With flexible work hours and unmatched career networking opportunities, working as a CNA is an excellent way to get started in the thriving healthcare industry.

Apply online and enroll with us today!

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