Culinary Arts

Program Runs

08/17/20 – 05/27/21

5 – 10pm

900 Clock Hour

Certificate Program


Our Culinary Arts Program offers a hands-on learning environment with career-based instruction lead by local area professionals. Students will learn the basic fundamentals associated with becoming a professional chef. The focus of this program is to educate students in various culinary areas such as techniques and design, baking and pastry, food production, customer service, inventory & purchasing, nutrition, hospitality & restaurant management, as well as menu development.

Students will also have the opportunity to gain the practical experience employers are seeking by participating in an industry internship program. Graduates will be awarded a program certificate which outlines, acknowledges, and validates the mastery levels required for successful program completion, as well as test for national certifications.

This program uses numerous instructional strategies to ensure optimal student performance.


On Cooking Textbook

Introduction to the Hospitality Industry and Professionalism
Sanitation and Safety
Identification of Products
Food Preparation, Cooking and Design
Garde Manger
Menu Planning and Recipe Conversion
Customer Service and Establishment Service
Professional Presentation
Purchasing and Receiving
On-the-job Training Internship

ManageFirst Series:
The ManageFirst Program, created by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) and managed nationally by National Restaurant Association Solutions, is a management development program that equips students with the key competencies they need to begin or advance their management careers in our demanding industry.

Participants in the ManageFirst Program earn ManageFirst Program certificates after passing the exam correlating to a ManageFirst topic. These certificates, provided by the National Restaurant Association, are a lasting recognition of a student’s accomplishment and serve as a resource to be used in the job search process.

ManageFirst Core Credential Topics/Textbooks

Controlling Foodservice Costs
Hospitality and Restaurant Management
Hospitality Human Resources Management and Supervision
ServSafe Manager / ServSafe Coursebook

ManageFirst Foundation Topics/Textbooks (Elective)

Principles of Food and Beverage Management

The ManageFirst Professional® (MFPTM™) Credential
Upon successful completion of five ManageFirst Program exams (four core topics and one foundation topic) and 800 hours of requisite documented work experience, a student is awarded the ManageFirst Professional® (MFPTM™) Credential.

* Curriculum subject to change as determined by FTC.


Chef Derek Easley has spent the last 12 years in the food service industry.  He has held almost every position available in a restaurant.  Derek started out like most professionals in the restaurant industry- as a dishwasher.  He took the job to pay for a bus ticket home after a road trip landed him in Vermont.  After returning home, Derek worked his way through the ranks as a server and line cook until eventually becoming a restaurant manager at Wyandotte Nation Casino where he was mentored by acclaimed Missouri chef Dennis Clay.  Chef Derek completed the Adult Culinary Education program at Franklin Tech.

Chef Derek has drawn culinary inspiration from his travels across the United States and several other countries including Mexico and Greece.  Derek’s passion for creating and sharing his experience with others led him to become an instructor.  He believes that anyone can achieve their dreams of becoming a professional chef by learning the fundamental sciences of cooking and by working relentlessly to perfect their craft every day.

In his free time, Chef Derek enjoys growing fresh produce in his garden (especially hot chili peppers!) and experimenting in his kitchen with the best sous chef in the business- his daughter Adleigh.  His favorite 15-minute weeknight meal is pasta with Pomodoro sauce made from fresh tomatoes, garlic and onions and topped with high-quality tuna, extra virgin olive oil and plenty of fresh basil from his garden.


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