Debunking 3 Commonly Believed Myths About Trade Schools

Debunking 3 Commonly Believed Myths About Trade Schools

We’ve all heard that you need a college degree to get anywhere in this world. But, in reality, trade schools may be the smartest option.

Only 27 percent of college graduates actually work in a field closely related to their college degree.

Skilled trades, however, are in such high demand that 46 percent of employers can’t find enough skilled workers to fill the positions that are empty.

Does that surprise you? Most people don’t realize how valuable attending trade schools can be.

Check out these three commonly believed myths about trade schools and learn the real facts.

Trade Schools Myth #1: Trade Schools Offer An Inferior Education

Many people believe trade schools don’t offer a high-quality education but the skills learned are more practical and useful in the job market and life today than many college degree programs.

Fact: Trade schools offer more than just career options, they offer life skills, many high-income positions, and more job security than many college degree positions.

You can enter the workforce at least two years earlier than someone attending college for their bachelor degree. There’s less chance of delays in education and graduation. More than 40 percent of four-year degree students in college drop out before obtaining one.

This means they are no closer to getting their credentials and being able to enter their desired career. As stated earlier only 27 percent of those who do graduate with a bachelor’s actually get a job related to their degree.

Trade Schools Myth #2: Financial Security Requires College

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Graduates from college start out way behind the eight ball because they are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt with heavy loan payments to make and they have a harder time finding a job.

Fact: The average trade school student enters the workforce with a fraction of the debt that college students have. Debt loads for trade school graduates are around $33 000. More than 20 percent of college graduates have more than $50 000 of debt. Six percent have loans of more than $100 000.

That doesn’t include the expense of living while going to college. Many trade schools offer programs that take half the time and have paid internships or apprenticeships while learning.

Graduates with bachelor degrees will most likely require graduate studies to get an actual career in their field. Skilled trades positions are sitting empty across the country giving trade school graduates more options and an easier transition from school to the workforce.

About 17 million college graduates are working in jobs that don’t require the skills they learned. More than 18 000 are working as parking attendants another 80 000 are tending bar and all of them are paying off debt acquired to get the degree they aren’t using.

Skilled trades are always needed and therefore can choose a career instead of making a living to survive.

Myth #3: Trade Schools Limit Your Options

There are many who mistakenly believe going to trade school limits a person’s options.

Fact: Trade schools offer career options and education paths that can take you into practically any industry of your choice. Trade schools offer more options for class schedules and training which works well for those with families and other responsibilities.

Many trade skills are transferable or in high demand in various industries so there are tons of options rather than being stuck with one area of focus or work environment option.

Industries needing skilled trade employees:

  • Healthcare and Healthcare Administration
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Business and Technology
  • Dental
  • Therapeutic Support
  • Automotive and Electrical
  • Security, Policing, Facilities Management
  • Hospitality

The only thing limiting a person is their imagination and determination.

Make the Smart Choice and Make Your Dreams Come True

Trade schools offer you the freedom to make your dreams come true without the struggle, debt, and uncertainty of attending a four-year college.

Learn more about how to make your dreams come true today.

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