Program Runs

08/17/20 – 04/13/21


720 Clock Hour

Certificate Program


Classroom instruction includes lectures and demonstrations that focus on a step-by-step process of building an understanding of the principles and theories used in HVAC/R industry. Lab instructions consist of hands-on demonstrations with tools and equipment used throughout the industry. Students will test for the EPA Certification, which is required for handling refrigerants and for graduation.


Safety and History of HVAC
Tools and instruments used
Basic HVAC Electric Theory
Schematics and Diagrams
Motors and Controls
Installation and Troubleshooting
Air Conditioning and Heating
EPA Certification
Duct Design / Installation
Customer Relations

This course is designed to prepare students who enter this field as a beginning apprentice service technician or equipment installer.

Students will be introduced to:

Electricity for Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration
Refrigeration Principals and Practices
EPA Standards for Refrigerator Handling Test Equipment
Residential/Light Commercial Systems Refrigeration Systems
Customer Relations Skills
Troubleshooting: Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Systems
Heat Pumps
Safety Techniques

Employment Opportunities

Service Technician
Equipment Installer
Stationary Plant Operator
Sheet Metal Worker
Industrial Maintenance Technician
Supply Companies

* Instruction subject to change, as determined by FTC.



Doug Ritchie teaches HVAC to adult night students who are interested in learning a new career.  He has worked amongst numerous maintenance trades and has a wide array of knowledge, but heating and air has been his calling and his career.  He actually received his certificate and certifications from FTC’s HVAC program several years ago and wanted to impart his knowledge and experience to new students.

Besides teaching, he maintains and repairs over 300 units at Carl Junction Schools.  He is hands-on, loves his work, and eager to help those who want to learn.

He enjoys living in Carl Junction with his family, enjoys camping, fishing, and home-grown tomatoes.


Steven C. Schneickert has been an instructor at FTC for six years.  After completion of the HVAC/R program in high school, I installed heating and air conditioning systems locally until I joined the US Army in 1990.  While in the Army, I was the distinguished graduate of the US Army Air Conditioning and Refrigeration School at Ft Belvoir VA.  I served in Ft. Carson Colorado and on the Island of Okinawa, Japan. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the intricate heating and Air Conditioning systems in the military.  They were rather complex and elaborate, as they needed to be operable in any climate on the planet.  I found the experience gained by working with these systems to be an excellent segway when I transitioned to the civilian world in the mid-1990’s.

Upon leaving the military,  I found myself working as the sole refrigeration mechanic for a chain of over 40 convenience stores and several restaurants.  This was the prime-time for retrofitting existing refrigeration systems from CFC refrigerants to HFC refrigerants and upgrading obsolete systems to either HFC or HCFC systems depending on certain criteria.

I have also worked in the printing industry for a number years as an HVAC/R technician on large chillers and HVAC systems as well as process refrigeration relative to the needs of the printing industry.

Along with teaching adults at night, I have for the last 10+ years, been working in the health care industry as a refrigeration maintenance technician.  I have experienced many different applications of the trade during my tenure in health care including building automation systems, and large gas-fired steam producing boilers for both heating and sterilization.

Along my journey, I have attended much training all across the nation for many different aspects of the trade.

As an instructor, my goal is to encourage the students to relax and to realize that the skill they are going to learn can be done if they put their heart into it.  Although it can seem bewildering at times, if Steven Schneickert can do it, then certainly they can too!  I do my best to break their learning down first into smaller components where they can see, touch, hear and measure what is going on inside of a bench-top training machine.  From there, we move off to larger systems- All the while referring back to the simple bench top trainer where the student realizes that it truly is the same process, just in a larger package.

I experience great joy watching a student change from uncertainty and bewilderment- maybe even fear, to a technically competent and confident worker in the trade!  It truly warms my heart to see a person change from a wide-eyed student to a worker in the trade.  A person who sees you in town, calls you up sometime or stops in during class to let you know they are doing well in the trade and have a satisfying career.  As an instructor, there is no better feeling!


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