Looking for a New Career? Here’s Why You Should Consider Phlebotomy Training

Looking for a New Career? Here’s Why You Should Consider Phlebotomy Training

Are you tired of feeling exhausted and overworked? Tired of feeling like your job is going nowhere? Ready to tell your vile boss to shove it?

If this sounds like you, it might be time for a change in your career path. But, what career is right for you? Is a trade school a good option?

If you’re the type of person who likes working with people, wants to make a difference, and isn’t grossed out by bodily fluids (aka all moms), then you might want to consider a path in phlebotomy.

Are you ready to start working a rewarding career? Read on to learn why phlebotomy training could be right for you.

Phlebotomy Training Doesn’t Require Med School

Unlike other healthcare careers, phlebotomy training doesn’t require a 6-year degree prior to applying. No college? No problem.

You’ll only need a high school diploma or equivalent as far as schooling goes, and of course, you’ll a valid social security number.

The only test you’ll need to pass to qualify is a TB test, which should be an easy A+.

A Phlebotomy Career Path Isn’t a Dead-End

Once you land a phlebotomy job, the opportunities are endless. On top of the career flexibility, the needle sticking market is secure. The Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that phlebotomy employment rate is expected to grow 26% in the next few years.

So even if you don’t want to stick people with needles long term, although this can be a great stress reliever, phlebotomy is a great way to get your toes wet in the medical field.

The Work Is Rewarding and Meaningful

Did you know that phlebotomists save lives?

While most people probably don’t picture the lady that’s coming toward them with a needle as a lifesaver, it’s all part of the job description for a phlebotomist. Without blood tests, many patients would actually die.

Did you know that just one plasma donation can save 3 lives? Treatments for many autoimmune diseases are actually made from donated plasma. As a phlebotomist tech, you get to be a part of this vital process.

You don’t have to have a 10-year degree to make a difference.

Your Schedule Will Be Flexible

Of course, patients don’t stop getting sick just because it’s bedtime. Since hospitals are 24-hours, phlebotomists are needed all hours, day and night.

This gives you the opportunity to work around your own schedule.

Some hospitals will allow you to work 4 10-hour shifts, so you’ll have a 3-day weekend every week. 2 days for the kiddies, 1 day for mommy.

The Best Part? Applying Is Easy

This certificate program is as easy as saying, “let’s get started.”

Are you ready to be on your way to a more rewarding career? Check out our phlebotomy training page for schedules, qualifications, overviews, and more.

Finding a rewarding career doesn’t have to be a struggle.

If you’re still having trouble deciding, or simply have questions, send us a message and we’ll help you find the right opportunity for you and your family.

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