Vocational School vs College Degree: Which is the Best Choice?

Vocational School vs College Degree: Which is the Best Choice?

With our current economy, students are becoming more money conscious and trying to stay out of major debt, which is why vocational school programs are on the rise.

However, even though tech schools are growing in popularity, there are still those who aren’t fully equipped to decide which is the better choice for them– vocational school or college.

In this guide, we’ll break down both to help make your decision and easier one.

A Vocational School Experience

Vocational school (also called trade or tech school) is different from a traditional college in many ways.

For starters, unlike traditional colleges, vocational schools allow you only focus your studies on courses that pertain only to your field of study.

If you’re one of those lucky ones who have an idea of the career path you wish to pursue, vocational school will focus on giving you the training you need to get started working right away.

You won’t lose time taking general courses. Instead, you will begin building the skills needed for a particular trade.

Vocational school students are often finished and ready to enter the workforce in a matter of months.

A Traditional College Experience

A traditional college experience takes between two to four years to complete and might take even longer if you choose to get a post-graduate degree.

For the first half of your college education, you have to take general knowledge courses such as mathematics, English, history and science.

Then you get to focus on taking classes specific to your desired degree.

Vocational School vs College: The Cost

For some, the decision to go to vocational school or college sometimes comes down to cost.

It’s no secret that a college education can rack up a hefty price tag. Some students might rack up a debt of $100,000 – $200,000 for four years. Some universities cost between $25,000 to – $50,000 per year.

On the flip side, vocational school can be a lot more economical. The average trade school education ends up costing an average of $33,000 for the entire program.

Even if students have to take out loans to pay for it, the amount is significantly less.

Advantages and Drawbacks

Of course, college and vocational schools both have advantages and disadvantages.


Going to a traditional four-year college sometimes has a certain cachet as the preferred education route. And a great advantage of doing so is the general knowledge education your receive that allows you to work in a variety of fields if you choose to do so.

On the flip side, college graduates often end up not working in their field of study and taking on any job just to make ends meet. In fact, 48% of degree holders are overqualified in the job they currently hold.

Vocational School

There are also many advantages to vocational schools beyond it taking less time and money to complete.

Vocational school classes also tend to have fewer students which allows you to be more hands-on with the instructor.

However, since vocational school is so field-specific, it can be quite difficult to find a job outside of that field, due to the narrow range of training.

The Final Verdict

In the debate of vocational school vs college, it all depends what your long-term goals are. Both can provide an excellent education to prepare you for your the job market.

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