Welding for Women: 7 Reasons to Consider This Career


Welding for Women: 7 Reasons to Consider This Career

Welding for women is becoming a popular choice to escape the drudge of a dead-end job. Though it is a male-dominated sector, women are showing they can do the job well. Moreover, they are having fun doing it.

There are several myths surrounding women welders:

  • They can’t weld as well as men
  • They take longer to learn the skill
  • No one wants to hire women
  • Tt’s not a good career choice
  • Male welders don’t respect their female colleagues
  • They can’t cope with the risky environment

All these myths work to push a narrative that there is no space for women in this field. Yet, many women are working and succeeding already.

Read on to learn why women should consider this career.

Reasons to Consider a Career in Welding For Women

For many years, there was a culture and message in society of looking down on blue-collar jobs. The ideal was to work hard in school and get a high-paying white-collar job.

That concept is changing with the new generation.

People can now see the benefits of both types of jobs. Thus, welding for women is offering a potential career path.

Here are a few reasons why they should consider it:

1. It Pays Well

Welding pays more than double the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. As such, welders can earn as high as $42,000 per year. Those who get promotions to managerial levels earn even more.

2. Job Opportunities are Available

At a time when people are saying “there are no jobs”, welders are finding many opportunities. The demand for welding operators is higher than the supply.

Women can fill this gap by showing their abilities to desperate employers.

3. Pursue a Passion

The problem with society is it exalts some jobs over others. Every job has its purpose and welding isn’t different.

Some women desire to create something special through welding. If they can turn this passion into a paying job, that’s even better.

4. Welding Training is Available

One of the barriers to women joining the welding sector was insufficient training. Now, they can receive training from a technical school. It provides fast training with low tuition costs.

They will get hands-on experience while learning from awesome instructors.

This empowers them to succeed in the sector.

5. Achieve a Work-Life Balance

Many jobs are all-consuming and deny employees enough family time. The workload is excessive at times. Moreover, low wages force people to work longer to make ends meet.

Welding for women will provide a flexible yet rewarding career. They’ll be able to spend time with their children and still meet their financial needs.

6. Possibility of Professional Growth

Women taking up welding don’t have to worry about career stagnation. Welding has opportunities for career growth.

You can start as an operator and advance into a supervisory role. You can also work in various industries.

7. Chance to Start a Fresh Career

If you’ve been feeling stuck or bogged down, welding can offer you an exit. You can start a fresh and exciting career in a new field. Some people find they are looking for a hands-on job and that’s what welding provides.

Learn More About Technical Educational Programs

There are many other reasons to consider a welding career. It is an opportunity to learn a new skill and improve your life. It also allows you to fill the gap in the industry.

All you need is the right training to get started.

Contact us for more information on technical educational programs.

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