What is Culinary School Actually Like? 3 Things Potential Students Should Expect

What is Culinary School Actually Like? 3 Things Potential Students Should Expect

The popularity of cooking and chef TV reality shows has piqued the interest of the masses. Not only people looking to enhance their cooking skills while absorbing the kitchen drama, but also people interested in becoming a chef in real life.

But, anyone who is a chef will tell you that it’s not always like how it is on TV. So, what is culinary school? And, what’s it like to be a chef in real life?

Becoming a chef takes time, dedication, and patience. Working in a restaurant isn’t for the faint of heart.

It isn’t as glamorous as many shows portray it to be. You can expect long hours of hard work, and often tough competition if you’re trying to land that head chef position.

But, if you’re committed to following your passion and dedication to learning this craft, then this can be an amazing career choice.

Read on to discover what culinary school is and what to expect from your educational experience.

What is Culinary School and What to Expect

Completing culinary school can take anywhere from a few months to four years depending on the school. Culinary school teaches students a variety of cooking methods and how to become a chef. When attending culinary school, you can also specialize in a specific cooking style such as becoming a pastry chef.

So, what can you expect from culinary school? Read on to find out more.

1. Educational Classes

In your classes, you’ll be learning from your instructors how to cook different dishes and how to prepare them. You’ll also learn about a variety of cooking methods.

Each class will cover specific topics depending on what your focus of study is. In addition to learning about cooking methods, you’ll also learn about sanitation, proper food preparation, and menu planning.

2. Hands-On Instruction and Practice

Once you’ve got some knowledge under your belt, it’s time to practice. Your instructors will offer you instruction while you prepare each dish. They will ensure that you’re using the proper methods to ensure safety and creating a well-made dish.

3. Feedback

Expect to receive feedback from your peers and instructors about your performance. Feedback will come in the form of grades, taste tests, and performance reviews. All feedback is meant to spark improvement or congratulate you for a job well done.

What is Culinary School and How You Can Apply

Since you’ve now discovered the answer to the question, “What is culinary school?” it’s time to find out how to apply. To apply to culinary school most schools require proof of your high school diploma or GED and a copy of your transcripts.

They will likely also require you to fill out an application. Contact your school of choice to learn more about their specific admission requirements.

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